A different rhythm

New times, new routines. A different autumn, yet surrounded by its usual fallen leaves, the smell of wet earth and the maroon, ocher and toasted tones that color the season every year. Excited to wear new trends.

A peaceful place

Find a peaceful corner and enjoy your time for you. Go for relaxed looks and garments that breathe autumn: oversized jackets, light coats, parkas, houndstooth print and woolen fabrics.

Only you

You know what suits you best. Renew your favorites and dare with new silhouettes such as cropped jeans with ankle boots and practice layering. For him, sweaters with special finishes such as cashmere cotton, softer and extra resistant.

A new balance

There is harmony in change, too. Discover a whole universe of new possibilities, great updated classics: plaid, masculine-style tailoring, ankle-length trousers. A new chic, always elegant.