Nacho Aguayo was born in Madrid in 1979. Since he was a little boy, he always wanted to be a designer. This passion shows up on his very first draws, in which you can see subtle fashion references. His mother was his first muse. She was a stewardess and Aguayo got amazed with her elegant working outfit.

Since then, and thanks to his savoir faire, he has been gifted with a very extended curriculum of great opportunities and interesting professional challenges.
“Pedro del Hierro woman, is a multidisciplinary lady. She is worried about her image but not attached to conventionalism or trends. She also has a great personality that is shown on her garments.”
This spring-summer 18 new collection, is defined by its waist fitted silhouettes, with midi skirts, palazzo trousers or jumpsuits and, of course, by its colors: burgundy, beige, khaki and earth shades, and touches of orange and violet. On the other side, a unique pattern: selvatic flowers in dark shades.

Accessories are also important, with three different kind of shoes and the comeback of the Firm’s iconic handbag.
Alex Miralles was born in Barcelona in 1971. He has been always attracted to fashion and its details and this is one of the reasons why we can talk about him as a self-taught designer. During his career, he has worked with some of the most famous brands and designers, creating around him an incomparable reputation.

He wants men to feel comfortable and elegant in any circumstance. His goal as a designer is to create charming garments with personality.
“When I see a fine dressed man, with personality and a clean cut look, I enjoy this vision because he is defending a designer’s work. We try to create recognizable collections beyond temporarity.”
The Man Collection is defined by its soft and relaxed silhouettes, with militar pockets, trousers with pleats and shirts with different necklines. Colors are mostly inspired by autumn sensations: Khaki, beige, earth shades, burgundy… and all combined again with a dark floral print. Loafers and bluchers, two of the brand’s classics, are the most wanted accessories.