Creative Direction

The latest collections from creative directors Nacho Aguayo and Alex Miralles re-envision the creative and innovative spirit of the Master and strike a balance between this legacy and their own concept of today’s Pedro del Hierro men and women.

“The Pedro del Hierro women is a multidisciplinary one. She pays attention to her image, but doesn’t feel forced to stick to established fashion or trends. Her great personality is shown through the clothes she wears.”

Nacho Aguayo was born in Madrid in 1979. Since he was a child, he always wanted to be a designer. This passion shows up on his very first draws, in which one can already see subtle fashion references. His mother was his first muse—she was a stewardess and Aguayo was soon amazed by her elegance.

Since then, and thanks to his savoir faire, he has been gifted with great, interesting professional opportunities and challenges.

“When I see a fine dressed man, with personality and a clean look, I feel joy because I see a person defending a designer’s work. We try to create recognizable collections beyond temporality or trends.”

Alex Miralles was born in Barcelona in 1971. As a life-long fashion passionate, self-taught fashion designer, he has had the chance to learn from and work with some of the greatest and most renowned brands and designers.

His main aspiration as a fashion designer is for men to feel well-dressed, elegant and comfortable in any circumstance, without losing their own character and personality.