The Master

Pedro del Hierro was born in Madrid in later 1948. A lover and scholar of the arts from a young age, he was one of the lucky few who grow up to be what they dream of as children, thus realising the aspirations of every fashion creator: to develop their talent, achieve public recognition, and ensure the company lives on after them.

“My designs are a form of expression that help reveal one’s best qualities”.
Pedro del Hierro

Colour, design, mastery

Following the debut of his first collection in 1974, del Hierro’s contemporaries began referring to him as the “Master”, because of his unrivalled mastery of colour, inspiration of nature, design, and skill.

Pedro del Hierro conveyed a new sense of elegance in the search for innovation, creativity, and quality, while remaining faithful to his time and his craft.

Fashion, illustration, creation

He was a veritable wizard, the youngest of the Haute Couture Federation masters at the time, able to sketch and create magic with fabric.

Today, the Pedro del Hierro firm continues the creative work and legacy of the designer without its creator, but with the vision, leadership, and soul of a great fashion house.